Screening with MSO students

Last December 2017, Miki Optometry were approached by E-lluminate to organize an eye check session with refugee students from MSO. MSO is an education center that provides education for refugee of Chin from Myanmar. The founder of E-lluminate, Min Chia told us that some of the students were having difficulty looking at the whiteboard during the class. Most of them have not done any eye check before.

Our team has arranged vision checking session with students in the learning center. By guiding the children to read the Vision Acuity chart, we are able to detect their vision status. Throughout the test, most of the students have good eyesight but only a few of them who failed the vision screening test. It was quite challenging for us to communicate with the students as some of them may not understand English. It was great to have Sang Bik, teacher to translate during the screening. Our team also learned some Burmese from the students. We had a great interaction with the students.

Miki Optometry made an arrangement with the center and brought the students who failed the vision test to our practice for details refraction. In the practice, our optometrist performed details refraction to find out their prescription. Our team members were choosing frames together with the students. Meanwhile, they were having food and small mini party in the practice. Our team had a great time with the students. In total, Miki Optometry partially sponsored 6 pairs of spectacles for the students and teacher.

On the first day of school, our team sent the spectacles to the students. The students were very anxious to get their spectacles. When they put on the spectacle, we can see a smile on their face. They are now able to see the whiteboard clearly. Our team explained to the students on how to take care of the spectacles and the eyesight. We were very happy to help them with their eyesight. Now the students can see the whiteboard better and have better performance in their academic.

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