Nature Eyes

Nature Eyes

Pioneer of the green revolution in optics


REuseREduce and REcycle to contribute, at our level, to save the planet.

So we create eco-aware collections, but not only. Our creations combine style, high standard of technical expertise with functionality, lightness and comfort for products that re Trendy and Innovative. Available for men and women, Nature Eyes designs go from contemporary and retro-modern looks.

Directly inspired by current trends, the Nature Eyes collection allows wearers to enjoy fashionable frames while protecting the planet.


Launched in 2008

NatureEyes was the first brand to bring new eco-friendly solutions to an eyewear.

Using recycled acetate and titanium, polypropylene and wood produced into specific plantations, NatureEyes creates collections made with respect to the Nature and Humanity.


First, NatureEyes organize the collection of used titanium frames which are sent to the factory who add it to industrial left-over and then, recycle and process it into sheets of titanium.
Those sheets of recycled titanium are used to produced NatureEyes titanium eyewear and components.


For our wood collection we exclusively use sheets of wood produced from trees coming from specific plantations reserved for the eco-label wood industry and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
We can then offer wood collections with the guarantee that we do not participate to the deforestation of our planet.
Furthermore, in order to have adjustable and comfortable glasses, the temples are made in wooden cellulose acetate or in titanium for a better lightness.


Most of our eyewear collections use cellulose acetate. This material, made from cotton fibers, wood fibers and acetone, is not really eco-friendly.
At NatureEyes we are proud to say that we use almost exclusively recycled acetate made from used acetate frames and industrial acetate left-over, just like our recycled titanium.

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