Lens Care Solutions & Cleaning Regime that are available in Miki Optometry

A revolutionary system for the cleaning and disinfection of all types of contact lenses.
Compatible with ALL types contact lens (including new generation silicone hydrogel, rigid and gas permeable & Ortho-K contact lenses).

  • Preservative free system (for sensitive eyes).
  • In only 2 hours your lenses are as good as new.
  • No need to rub.
  • Not necessary to use additional products.
  • For ALL types of contact lenses (including Silicone Hydrogel, Rigid, Gas Permeable & Ortho-K lenses).

Lipid cleaner specially formulated for Soft Silicone Hydrogel lens.

LIPID CLEAN was designed to meet the specific cleaning requirements of new generation silicone hydrogel contact lenses by

  • Reducing and slowing lens dehydration
  • Reducing accumulation of surface protein deposits
  • Reducing accumulation of surface lipids deposits

LIPID CLEAN is the ideal complementary cleaner for Soft Contact Lenses users who have problems with accumulation of lipids and other deposits on the soft lens surface.

LIPID CLEAN is recommended for use before soaking & disinfection process of any maintenance solutions (eg. Ever CleanAlveraUnica Sensitive)

Compatible with all Soft Contact Lens (including new generation silicone hydrogel lenses).

UNICA SENSITIVE has been formulated to give EXTRA COMFORT to sensitive eyes.

The combination between an extraordinary lubricant & moisturising HA (hyaluronic acid) and the minimum concentration of preservatives makes it the best option for soft contact lenses users with sensitive eyes.

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, it

  • Improves sight by reducing the ocular symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Increases tears stability by reducing evaporation.
  • Increases the hours of comfortable use thanks to the viscoelastic properties of HA.

Enzymatic tablets to remove protein deposits for ALL types of contact lenses. (including new generation silicone hydrogel, rigid and gas permeable & Ortho-K contact lenses)

ENZYME tablets remove stubborn protein deposits that conventional cleaning solutions can’t remove.

Recommended weekly use (or as directed by your Eye Care Practitioner) of ENZYME tablets.

ENZYME tablets contains Subtilisin-A, a highly purified microbiological synthesised enzyme.

The tablet is effervescent and dissolves rapidly, producing an immediate cleaning action in saline, all-in-one AlveraUnica SensitiveUnica classicaperoxide or any other compatible contact lens solutions.

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