There is no February 31st in the calendar. FEB31st is an Italian firm whose story is based onthe vision and tenacity of three entrepreneurs and has grown and spread throughout the world.Its founders wanted a reliable form of light manufacturing, open to innovation and flexible in the face of change. Quick and craft-based.

Respecting the environment, the workers, their skills and the relevant financial processes. Capable of giving its customers freedom of choice and genuinely tailor-made objects. It really does sound like a February 31st firm. That is, one that doesn’t exist. But it does – and that’s why it’ called FEB31st.

Devote some time to yourself. Take a look at the aesthetic and functional variables at your disposal for the design of your FEB31st. Ask your optician for advice and enjoy the experience. It’s not whether you are similar to or different from others that counts.It’s being true to yourself that’s important.


43 colors to be combined at will both in the alternation of the inner layers to compose a color sandwich only yours and in the combination of the front of the frame with the temples.

With a touch of Cubist inspiration, you can fit together different coloured pieces of wood,using patterns to break up your FEB31st visually in both a vertical and a horizontal direction.

Now that your FEB31st acts as a mirror for your inner self,
you can ensure that it ts perfectly.

FEB31st allows you to choose:

– the frame size (on best sellers);
– the type of tting: wooden, silicon or Asian;
– the length of the temples;
– acetate temple tips.

Your FEB31st is truly yours.

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