What We Do

Services provided in Miki Optometry included the followings:


Basic Refraction

– Accurate measurement of refractive error of the eyes for spectacles or contact lens

Children Refraction ( Lazy Eye / squint eye )

– Accurate measurement of refractive error for pre-school children

Slit Lamp Examination

– Detailed examination on the front part of the eyes for Dry Eye or Eye Injury

Cataract Screening

– Detection for the presence of cataract for age 40 and above

Fundus Photography

– Imaging of back of the eye to check on the nerve and detect any abnormalities especially for diabetic and hypertensive patients

Semi Rigid Gas Permeable Fitting

– Customized contact lens for healthier and stable vision

Soft Contact Lens Fitting

– Consultation and prescription of contact lens for both cosmetic and alternative to spectacles users

Colour Vision Test

– Detection of color vision defects in children and adult

Binocular Vision Test

– To test on how well our eyes muscles work together

Myopia Control lens fitting

– Customized lens in controlling progression of myopia for young children

Consultation on occupational lens

– Customized lens for work and sports by meeting safety standards

Doctor Referral service

– Connections of network with eye doctors for further check up