Occupational Lens Solution

Occupational Lens Solution

Standard reading glasses have been the choice for many presbyopes for near vision tasks and computer use. However, reading glasses only offer a limited depth of vision up to 40cm in front of you and anything further will be blurred.

Hoya also understands that progressive lenses are an ideal solution for most presbyopes. However, for a number of patients whose visual tasks are predominantly based around near or intermediate work, standard progressives may not be the perfect answer.

With this ever increasing need in mind, Hoya has produced a full range of indoor lenses to fulfill these requirements.


  1. Hoya AddPower 

Long hours of digital media usage or intense reading can tire and strain the eyes with single vision reading glass or even with progressive lens. Addpower is a flexible lens for intensive digital media users and readers. It offers a greater depth of vision up to 80cm.


Hoyalux iD Workstyle takes up a special place in the indoor range as it is based on the unrivalled iD FreeForm Design Technology. A wide and clear visual field, especially at intermediary distances. Hoyalux iD Workstyle offers the best possible correction for near and intermediate distances up to 400cm, for instance when working at a desk or computer, especially office workers and professionals.Hoyalux iD Workstyle is available in two personalized indoor settings: 200 and 400 that indicates the distances supported by each lens with regards to depth and width perception

  • Benefits
  • Perfect solution up to about 400cm depth of vision at your work space.
  • Provide maximum freedom when focusing on near and intermediate distances.
  • It will offer relaxed vision, a clear indoor view and enhance productivity.
  • Able to switch effortlessly between your computer screen and keyboard while still enjoying a perfect overview on your desk all day long.


The ergonomic office lens for presbyopes who wish to combine a wide and comfortable view of their intermediate work zone with flexibility in depth of vision. TACT DYNAMIC provides excellent vision for reading and meeting or housework.

  • Benefits
  • Ideal for work space up to 400cm.
  • Relaxed reading experience with variable depth of vision.
  • Flexible office lens with comfortable reading.
  • Wide intermediate zone without extra head movements.

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